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About Last Call Theatre

Last Call Theatre is an Los Angeles-based immersive theatre company that specializes in creating highly interactive and engaging worlds for audiences to explore. Last Call productions give the audience the agency to affect the world around them, with every individual's choices having a lasting impact on the narrative. Audiences become a part of the story, making every performance unique.

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Don't Miss Pirates Wanted!
An Immersive Pirate Adventure Only Through April 20th!
Performing aboard an actual tall ship near the Port of Los Angeles!
Pirates Wanted Cast Announcement (1).png

Have you ever wanted to be a pirate? Join Captain Souvanna and her crew on a wild and wacky pirate adventure as they first attempt to steal a ship from the British Royal Navy and then turn a ship full of landlubbers into actual seaworthy pirates. As the Captain races to prove her crew to the Great Pirate Council, the threat of sirens and their magic comes to light and rumors of mutiny abound. Currents of danger, betrayal, magic, music, adventure, and love will rock the core of this crew, and it's up to the audience to decide whether they'll sink or swim as they navigate these unfamiliar waters.


Climb aboard the American Pride, a beautiful 130-ft, 3-masted tall ship operated by the Los Angeles Maritime Institute. Audience members will be able to explore this majestic vessel as if they were actual pirates, all while docked near the Port of Los Angeles, right by the Los Angeles Maritime Museum.

Critics & audience alike are loving Pirates Wanted!

"The amazingly diverse cast are at turns broad, funny, intense and raw, depending on the story path you’re on, what decisions you and the rest of the audience have made, and whether it’s a larger or more intimate moment."

-Anthony Robinson, NoProscenium

“Pirates Wanted! offers an invigorating escapade, rich with laughter, music, magic, and gay pirates.”

- Socks Whitmore, Stage Raw (RECOMMENDED | Stage Raw Top 10)


“I couldn’t resist recommending this pirate adventure!”

- Patrick Chavis, LA Theatre Bites


“It’s rare we get to be present on a pirate ship surrounded by pirates doing pirate things. There’s something simple and spectacular about being present and witnessing them in their element.” - Eve Weston, The Look Club

Tickets live on May 1st for Reforged!
Last Call is back at the Hollywood Fringe Festival this June!

The machine worshiping Church of the Broken God stands at a crossroads, following the disappearance of their unifier: Omniseer Robert Bumaro, Builder of the Broken God. In the chaos of his disappearance, only one thing truly stopped the Church's descent into civil war– a supernatural Blueprint his Holiness left behind, a path out of the darkness and into a new era of unity. But as the religious sects meet and begin to vie for control of the Church’s future, darker forces lurk in the shadows, an ancient Cult and a superstitious Foundation work to manipulate The Blueprint and the Church sects to their own ends.


Help your sect choose a new Omniseer, uncover the secrets that lie beneath facades of divinity, and forge a new future for this anomalous faith and the organizations operating in its shadows in this new SCP experience from Last Call Theatre. For you are called by The Blueprint and anointed with great supernatural destiny. Only you will be able to guide this flock to the light or lead them to the wolves in this Immersive SCP Experience.

Reforged performs at the Hollywood Fringe Festival at Joyce Hall in Thymele Arts, 5481 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029.

In this sandbox immersive show, every performance will be totally unique based on the audience's choices. With dozens of quests, multiple branching pathways, and innovative environmental questlines, Reforged will be a new adventure every night.

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