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Image by David Tomaseti

About Last Call Theatre

Last Call Theatre is an Los Angeles-based immersive theatre company that specializes in creating highly interactive and engaging worlds for audiences to explore. Last Call productions give the audience the agency to affect the world around them, with every individual's choices having a lasting impact on the narrative. Audiences become a part of the story, making every performance unique.

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Don't Miss The Harvest Dec. 2nd - 16th!
Your Coven Calls...

As fall draws to a close, the townsfolk of Windsor Grove gather for the 100th Annual Harvest Festival to celebrate the eradication of magic from the town. This year, for the first time ever, the town has opened up to just a select few visitors after 100 years of isolation. But more than just the winter chill is creeping in, as whispers abound that magic may still be lurking within the shadows of this seemingly peaceful town. Will you return magic to Windsor Grove at any cost? Or will you work to erase it forever? The choice is yours.

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