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Whispers from the Spirits of Windsor Grove

The townsfolk of Windsor Grove eagerly anticipate the arrival of the first outsiders to visit in a century. As impartial spirits watching these events unfold, we’re curious to see how your visitation goes. We’d like to impart some advice to you based on our understanding of the town and its people, for you to use as you wish:

1. Remember that you’re a visitor.

If there’s change you hope to affect in our world, your best pathway to success will be through the people in the town. As the time of the festival is limited, you may wish to focus your efforts with a single, trusted member of Windsor Grove from the very start of your visit if your main goal is to have a voice in the events that unfold. Dividing your focus, particularly as the festivities continue into the night, may keep you at a distance from the townspeople. This being said, you can enjoy yourself by talking with whoever you wish to or by participating in the festival ambiently, and taking a less active role in the denizen’s lives -- just know this will likely place you as a visiting outsider rather than anyone’s trusted confidante. 

Preston Grant as Mayor Corey speaks with Elena Scaringe-Peene as Robin Corey; PC: Charly Charney Cohen

2. Give some reflection to the way you wish to spend the festival. 

You may be curious to learn more of the history of our town, aid certain friends you make, give life to budding romantic inclinations, use your puzzle-solving skills, or persuade those around you to do as you wish. Different townspeople will have different goals and methods for accomplishing these goals, and your desires may align most closely with one based on your interests. Additionally, focusing in on accomplishing your own goals earlier may lead to a more effective impact, while sitting back and watching may give you a breadth of understanding of the going-ons in the world without the fullest impact on them. Rumor has it that spirits may visit alongside the visitors we see enter the town -- do know that these spirits may maximally observe and minimally affect. Similarly, though, shyer visitors may appreciate these rules both go ways -- spirits are unlikely to be interacted with or put on the spot. 

3. If you’re looking for something specific, don’t be afraid to ask for it. 

The townsfolk ambassadors at the festival want you to enjoy your visit. If you seek certain information, you likely can ask and get directed towards someone with that information, if the person you ask doesn’t have it themself. If you think your desires may run contrary to the well-being of those present, such as open conversations of any magical presences or any ill you may wish on the town, we’ve heard you may be able to ask for direction prior to joining us from those ushering you into the town. 

Rena Bobbs as Abigail; PC: Charly Charney Cohen

4. Every choice has its consequences.

Underneath the townspeople's welcoming invitation, there lurks a darker history of pain and trauma within the town. You’ll understand best when you get there. Know that you may be able to start changing the town’s ways during your visit, but cannot completely overturn this history overnight. Fully strive to accomplish your goals and better the town if you wish, but also know that finding happiness for every person you meet may not be possible. Some people’s successes are rooted in others’ failures, as forces of good and evil war behind the scenes in the town. Pick your battles, and know each action will have a consequence. Be happy with the successes you can find, and know some tragic outcomes are inevitable, and may even be desirable in the long run. 

With these suggestions in mind, we cannot wait to see the way you outsiders affect our town. It’s been so long since we’ve welcomed new voices to the town, and you couldn’t have picked a better moment. Enjoy the festivities -- we look forward to seeing how our town will fare with the arrival of our guests. 

Editor’s Note: Last Call Theatre’s production of The Harvest runs December 7 - 16th. Tickets and more information can be found on: Additionally, for people who wish to know more about accessibility and narrative documents, a narrative accessibility guide is upon request, though it does contain spoilers.

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