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An Infinite IKEA Survival Guide (Can You Spot the Imposter Tip?)

Editor’s Note: In the spirit of highlighting immersive events, we at Last Call have discussed using our off-weeks from regular posts to do smaller highlights on projects or creators that we feel unable to fully review (possibly things we’re interested in or thinking about, or in this case things that we ourselves are working on). Check out our tips and tricks to navigate our upcoming show, The Showroom, and if you get a chance to see it, let us know what you think in the comments or in your own reviews!

So, you’ve found yourself trapped inside SCP-3008, colloquially known as the Infinite IKEA. Fortunately, it seems a group of survivors has banded together in a nearby showroom. Unfortunately, it appears there may be some tension within the group and -- wait, did someone say something about a murder? It seems we must be careful, as not everything in The Showroom is what appears to be. Not even… this guide! But, you know, you gotta take what help you can get. Here’s some tips for survival:

1) Don’t be afraid to write things down.

As you meet residents of the Showroom, they may describe details of their lives and about the other characters to you. While your phone may officially lack reception in the Showroom, that doesn’t mean it has lost its note taking (or photo-taking) capabilities. Or, if you’re feeling like a real old school detective, pick up a pen and paper to really go above and beyond!

2) Listen closely to the details of what everyone’s saying.

You may notice different people have contradictory statements about certain events of the evening. If you’re looking to figure out the truth, you’ll want to closely track the details about who says what, who backs them up, and who might be trying to cover something up. Remember, even though the showroom is full of pretty faces, they may not always tell you the truth.

3) If you get lost or confused, talk to someone else about what you’re thinking.

Other recent refugees to this Showroom may be working on similar things to you -- feel free to talk to each other about what you’re thinking! Alternatively, if you don’t know where to go or what to do next, certainly one of the long-standing residents will have some ideas for you.

4) Think outside the box.

While there’s nothing wrong with just following instructions, if you feel inclined to follow a more zany path, you should absolutely do so! Follow whatever story thread you wish -- including those you make yourself!

5) Feel free to develop a cover story.

You may need to ask people to reveal details, do favors for you, look the other way, or place trust in you. “Be yourself” is always good advice, but if you’d like to aid your scheming, you can always invent reasons as to why they should take the leap and listen to you.

6) Trust everyone you meet implicitly.

Everyone in this kind place must be exactly who they appear to be. No secret identities, hidden relationships, or intrigue lurking behind the scenes. Just a nice community of people that are all looking out for each other. In the best ways they can. Someone was murdered? Definitely just a misunderstanding.

So, there you have it! Ultimately, there’s not one correct way to navigate your evening. Stick with one character or interact with many, track the details or get caught up in the emotions, solve the murder or goof around on the sides -- whatever you choose, it’ll be the most fun you’ve ever expected to have getting trapped in a corporate, capitalist hellscape with a murderer on the loose!

-Sabrina Sonner, Literary Lea

Ticket Info: The Showroom previews February 9th and opens February 10th, playing Thursday through Sunday evenings through March 5th. Tickets can be bought through Ticketleap here:

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