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Welcome to The Latest Call!

Welcome to The Latest Call, Last Call Theatre’s new publication! I’m excited to launch this alongside our upcoming shows in 2023. Our plan is to publish biweekly reviews of immersive experiences. Given the vast and growing possibilities in the immersive landscape, the experiences we cover will be variable in form, ranging from immersive theatre, to escape rooms, to installations, to themed and interactive shows, and more. The only criteria is that the piece be in some ways immersive, interactive, and live. Since we’re based in Los Angeles, the shows we see mostly will be as well, until any board member makes grand travel plans. Similarly, while we’re sticking to mostly live media, I’ve felt there’s a bit of a gray area in pieces that are performed in real-time virtually, and may include some of these if we attend any.

At the beginning, we’ll publish weekly rather than biweekly in order to catch up on some of the exciting shows we went to last year and spotlight a couple of currently running ventures. Interspersed with full reviews, we may also post spotlights on shows including our own that we want to feature but not fully review due to the overlap in creative teams. Many of our reviews will be written by me, Sabrina, as the Literary Lead at Last Call Theatre. We’ll also have other board members and collaborators contribute from time to time, and you may see reviews featuring the perspectives of multiple people who attended and all had different experiences.

We’re excited to share our thoughts on immersive shows with you. Thank you for joining us on this journey, and check out our first review of 40 Watts From No Where.

-Sabrina Sonner, Literary Lead

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